Top 10 Web Stories

1 Computational Thinking: Part 2
Over 50 resources to teach CT across the entire curriculum

2 ISTE and Discovery Education Launch New Partnership
ISTE members are now eligible to receive access to STEM Connect, Discovery Education’s newest digital service

3 How to Connect with More Families on Facebook
More and more educators and schools are using Facebook to connect with families. However, they might not be connecting with as many families as possible if they are not ensuring they are posting inclusive content.

4 DIY Professional Learning Part 2
Design your own DIY (Do-It-Yourself) learning that leads to edtech, coding, and makerspace certificates.

5 Class Tech Tips: Creative Teacher Projects for Every Classroom
Whether you want to create newsletters or classroom posters, the possibilities are truly endless.

6 7 Geography Tools that Mess with Your Head. Cause that’s a Good Thing
The sad thing is that much of what we call geography instruction fails to make these emotional connections. The result? Our kids don’t remember basic geographic info or make the connections between place, people, and events.

7 Next-Gen Literacy
As the traditional definition of literacy expands and deepens, today’s students are learning new ways to communicate and collaborate.

8 Sparking Curiosity in the Humanities: Data Visualization
By finding a visualization, downloading it, removing specific information (titles, legends, keys, etc.) and displaying it to students, questions emerge.

9 From Consumers to Producers
Help kids make screen time meaningful.

10 Top 50 Math Sites and Apps
Mobile learning and BYOD (bring your own device) is making it easier for students to learn math.