Top 10 Stories for June & July 2019

1 12 Awesome Ideas for Ending the School Year
These activities will motivate your students to reflect, help others, move and learn, and think creatively until the end of the school year.

2 A Q&A with Future Ready Superintendent Michael McCormick, Val Verde (CA) USD
Even the youngest students in this district are engaged in critical thinking, making sound decisions and choices as they identify and solve authentic problems.

3 5 Ways to Prevent Cheating on Your Google Form Quiz
Google Forms is a tremendous tool for organizing and automating digital quizzes. Here are five tips for making them “cheat proof.”

4 Putting the “T” in STEM! 60+ Resources for Teaching Children with Technology!
All resources have a free version or trial for educators and many are registration- and ad-free so that students don’t have to give their private information.

5 Full-Screen Messages with Gzaas
Use this tool in the classroom to make important announcements, ask a tuning-in question, or display a quote from an important person.

6 Enhance Flipped Video Content with EDpuzzle
EDpuzzle is a web-based interactive video and formative assessment tool that lets users crop existing online videos and add content to target specific learning objectives.

7 A Framework for Teaching American Slavery—from Teaching Tolerance
If we’re to understand the US and the world today, we must understand slavery’s history and continuing impact.

8 Creating Alt Text to Make Social Media Photos More Accessible
To be accessible on social media, photos must include alt text, however, it requires taking a few extra steps.

9 Makerspaces & PBL . . . Perfect Together
Educators interested in makerspaces, STEM labs, project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, and genius hour get tips on how to blend them all together.

10 End-of-Year Google Classroom Clean-Up Tips
Even something as useful as Google Classroom can become cluttered and less efficient if we fail to manage it well.