Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1. A New Search Tool for You and Your Students (opens in new tab)
Choosito filters research topics by grade and reading level and provides site reviews from education professionals.

2. The Biggest Edtech Integration Mistakes (opens in new tab)
Silvia Tolisano urges teachers to integrate technology as part of the learning process rather than reducing it to an expensive but ineffective classroom accessory.

3. Noodle Releases List of 32 Best Free Apps (opens in new tab)
This new list of great free apps also tells you what they are, who they’re for, why they’re relevant, and how to use them.

4. Sheppard Software: The Food Chain Game (opens in new tab)
Drag the elements of different food chains into the correct order and watch who eats whom!

5. 7 Digital Resource Must-Haves for #BYOD / #BYOT Teaching + Learning (opens in new tab)
Lisa Nielsen presents top tools students can use for learning wherever they are.

6. Geography Resource (opens in new tab)
With world geography app “Stack the Countries,” kids learn about 193 countries with easy-to-use flashcards and exciting stacking games.

7. Coding, Making, 3D Printing, and Learning (opens in new tab)
Visit innovative maker studio spaces where students engage in deep project exploration and real-world learning.

8. Game-Changing Grading Changes (opens in new tab)
Chris Aviles presents creative grading and feedback that encourages students.

9. Backwards Planning PD (opens in new tab)
Nancy White models UbD principles as she suggests learning goals and an essential question for piloting “BYOD.”

10. 7 Ways Social Media Has a Role in Education (opens in new tab)
Because colleges and employers are increasingly Googling students, Lisa Nielsen presents ideas for incorporating social media into education.