Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 36 Weeks of Innovation for Your Classroom
Implement one of these practical, engaging, and innovative ideas each week of the school year to enrich your students’ technology proficiency.

2 STEM Education Contest
Find out about the 6th annual Samsung Solve for Tomorrow program.

3 Social Media for Schools
Learn step by step how to leverage the power of social media to connect, teach, build relationships, share your school’s story, and contribute to a global educational community.

4 How to Be a Teacherpreneur!
Learn how to create a vision statement and share your ideas using social media.

5 Top Four Reasons Why You Should Attend Tech & Learning Live
From inspiring speakers and breakout sessions on important K–12 topics to networking, team building, and prizes, find out why you should be at Tech & Learning Live this year!

6 Get the Most Out of Your Teacher iPad
Time-saving tips for your iPad, from blogging to syncing your photos and more.

7 Gorgeous Sky Map Draws Stargazing Kids In
SkySafari is a professional-grade tool with beautiful, kid-accessible images.

8 Class Story Helps Strengthen the Home-School Connection
Learn about a new free tool that lets teachers safely and instantly share important updates, announcements, and amazing moments with parents.

9 Goal: Inspire with a Graphic
Shelly Terrell challenges educators to decide on a goal and share the message visually. She also shares her favorite free tools and apps for creating infographics and quote pics.

10 Assist Dr. Guts: Learn about Organ Systems
With this app, middle-and high-school students can drag and drop organs to learn about the interdependence of the digestive, cardiovascular, excretory, and respiratory systems.