Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 36 Weeks of Innovation for Your Classroom (opens in new tab)
Implement one of these practical, engaging, and innovative ideas each week of the school year to enrich your students’ technology proficiency.

2 STEM Education Contest (opens in new tab)
Find out about the 6th annual Samsung Solve for Tomorrow program.

3 Social Media for Schools (opens in new tab)
Learn step by step how to leverage the power of social media to connect, teach, build relationships, share your school’s story, and contribute to a global educational community.

4 How to Be a Teacherpreneur! (opens in new tab)
Learn how to create a vision statement and share your ideas using social media.

5 Top Four Reasons Why You Should Attend Tech & Learning Live (opens in new tab)
From inspiring speakers and breakout sessions on important K–12 topics to networking, team building, and prizes, find out why you should be at Tech & Learning Live this year!

6 Get the Most Out of Your Teacher iPad (opens in new tab)
Time-saving tips for your iPad, from blogging to syncing your photos and more.

7 Gorgeous Sky Map Draws Stargazing Kids In (opens in new tab)
SkySafari is a professional-grade tool with beautiful, kid-accessible images.

8 Class Story Helps Strengthen the Home-School Connection (opens in new tab)
Learn about a new free tool that lets teachers safely and instantly share important updates, announcements, and amazing moments with parents.

9 Goal: Inspire with a Graphic (opens in new tab)
Shelly Terrell challenges educators to decide on a goal and share the message visually. She also shares her favorite free tools and apps for creating infographics and quote pics.

10 Assist Dr. Guts: Learn about Organ Systems (opens in new tab)
With this app, middle-and high-school students can drag and drop organs to learn about the interdependence of the digestive, cardiovascular, excretory, and respiratory systems.