Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 Top 50 Sites and Apps
From programming, STEM, and game-based learning to assessments and stories, there’s something for everyone in this best-of-2015 list.

2 National Education Technology Plan 2016: What’s Changed?
Find out why the 2016 NETP is a “living document.”

3 5 Mistakes I Made with Educational Technology
Adam Schoenbart reflects on what he learned from some common edtech assumptions and mistakes.

4 Physics App Offers Lessons, Experiments
Meet Science: Force and Motion features amusing mini-games and solid quizzes to help boost physics understanding for students in grades 3–5.

5 Super Teacher Worksheets: Online PDF Resource for Elementary Teachers
Access over 10,000 PDFs—worksheets, math games, mini-books, flashcards, reading crafts, puzzles, and more.

6 4 Non-Tech Strategies for Student Engagement
Discover inspiring ideas for teaching when the Internet goes down. Students can create, present, argue, write, synthesize, and reflect.

7 Develop Language Skills with QuestionIt
With color-coded supports, the QuestionIt app helps kids with language delays.

8 15 Surprising Facts about #Education In Israel
Learn about some of the educational practices that occur in Israel, a country known for its creativity.

9 Kid Vision: Google Expeditions
Hear and see first-hand why Google Expeditions is a great way to expose students to careers and places they may never get to “see.”

10 Use Sway as a Digital Portfolio Tool
Explore the cool scroll effects and flexible features of Sway Office, a digital storytelling tool app.