Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 Learning to Code (opens in new tab)
Learn how to implement coding in the classroom as a creative process—a way to organize, express, and share ideas.

2 20 Tech Resources and Tools for Differentiated Learning (opens in new tab)
Discover tools that will help students improve writing skills as they find ways to share their interests and publish for an authentic audience.

3 New Tools for Schools (opens in new tab)
Here’s your one-stop shop for staying on the cutting edge of edtech. Explore new releases online and in software, hardware, and apps.

4 How to Help Girls Become NERDs (opens in new tab)
Barbara Timm-Brock presents ideas for how educators can change the future stats by engaging girls in STEM education.

5 Move Over Flair (opens in new tab)
Jon Castelhano shares tips for providing solid PD that is relevant, timely, and doesn’t require huge amounts of time.

6 How to Give a Killer Presentation (opens in new tab)
Top tips and links for creating engaging and interactive presentations.

7 What Comes First: Education or Technology? (opens in new tab)
Terry Freedman reflects on how new technology enables teachers to reconsider some of their teaching methods.

8 Clean Up YouTube with ViewPure (opens in new tab)
With one click, you can remove all ads, comments, and suggested videos from a video before sharing it with your students.

9 Review of Building School 2.0 (opens in new tab)
This page-turner by Chris Lehmann and Zac Chase presents 95 theses to consider when looking at education and educational reform.

10 New Frontiers in Blended Learning (opens in new tab)
Be inspired by how eight different districts are innovating with blended learning.