Trending: Top 10 Stories for August 2019

1 Best of #ISTE19 Podcasts Great for Those #NotAtISTE
Podcasts include experts discussing accessible technology, digital equity, digital portfolios, inclusive classrooms, podcasting with students, and more.

2 UBTECH Education Launches Early Innovator Grant for Robotics, Coding
Information on a competitive grant to provide free robotics kits, curriculum, and professional development to integrate robotics into STEM programs.

3 Free Tutorials for Digital Design
Autodesk Design Academy offers free, easy-to-follow projects with tutorials, guides, and videos.

4 Amazing Green Screen Ideas for Fun Learning Adventures
Use these tutorials and examples to engage learners with green screen technology.

5 4 Ways to Improve Digital Equity in Your Classroom
From inconsistent homework policies to a perceived lack of empathy and understanding from teachers, these solutions address digital equity from the student perspective.

6 TechRadar Selects: The Best VR Apps for Education
Transform education by making learning experiences more immersive for students.

7 10+ QR Code Activities to Inspire Curiosity and Engage Learners
Tips and resources to create active learning opportunities with QR codes and activities.

8 The World is Complex—Our Kids Need to Understand That
National Geo survey reveals gap in what young people know about the world and what they need to know.

9 How Do Teachers and Schools Develop Young Innovators?
The key to inspiring young innovators is S.A.I.L.—Several Attempts in Learning. Innovation is a long, difficult journey to the right solution that involves failures along the way.

10 15 Ideas to Make Sure Project Based Learning Supports the Standards
In true project based learning, the project uncovers and facilitates the learning of significant content.