Unearthing Secret America

Unearthing Secret America

The fun part of history is finding the clues that unlock the secrets of the past. This is the companion site to the TV show with Alan Alda that features archeological discoveries. Students will find interesting lessons from the past on slavery and colonial America. Using forensic and climatic evidence, archeologists are piecing together what happened in Jamestown and reconstructing the life of slaves in colonial America. Of particular interest is the "Digging for Clues" segment that provides an interactive skeleton. By clicking on the bones, students can reveal text that explains how forensic anthropologists determine facts about the person they belonged to. Excellent teaching guides with learning activities accompany this fascinating site.

Scientific American Frontiers

• Lesson Plans • Learning Exercises • Audio • Pictures and/or Illustrations • Biographical Information

• High School Middle School Elementary School

Christine Willig