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Virtual Nerd: How Do You Graph a System of Equations

Ever thought about flipping your classroom?
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Ever thought about flipping your classroom? Flipping means having students watch videos on their own and then spend valuable class time practicing those skills. It allows for the teacher to have many more 1 on 1 conversations, but it can be hard to find good videos to use. Virtual Nerd provides teachers with some of these great videos. This particular video focuses on graphing a system of equations. Take a look and start flipping tomorrow!

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Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calculator HRW provides the biggest interactive graphing calculator you've ever seen — it fills the screen. Use this tool to plot points, graph equations, or to find intersection points. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston --> • High School Middle School

Create a Graph

Name: Create a Graph Brief Description of the Site: Create a Graph is a straightforward easy-to-navigate site that appears to be simpler than it really is. Actually, this site is worthy of heading the list of favorites because of its usefulness in teaching graphing, and allowing students to enter their own data,

Geometry Graphing

 Students practice using their graphing calculators for drawing and labeling points, lines, planes, and angles. To check their work, they select the View Solution button, which is located directly under each problem. courtesy of netTrekker

Do You Speak American?

Do You Speak American? The home on the web for a television program about the nature of American English, which originally aired on PBS in January 2005. "Do You Speak American?" examines the differences in the ways American speak across age groups, ethnic groups, and regions. This is an interesting way

What You Can Do

What You Can Do Environment Canada wants everybody to know how they can be an important part of Canada’s environmental health. This website has special sections directed at students and ideas for them to contribute to a green future for their school, community, country and globe.

Create a Graph(2)

Create a Graph Explore all kinds of different graphs (bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, scatter plots, and more) and learn how to graphically organize data with this walk-through exercise. It includes options for printing and saving . Excellent examples and helpful tips ensure that your graphs are

Machinto, Do You Hear a Little Bird Crying?

Based on the beautiful Japanese picture book Machinto, The Machinto Project brings classrooms of the world together to study the effects of war on children. Click on About Machinto to view a presentation on Machinto, and to learn how students