Westward Journey Nickel Series

Westward Journey Nickel Series

Lewis and Clark presented Peace Medals from the President of the United States to the various Indian tribes they met on their journey West. The United States Mint will modify the five-cent coin to represent these historic events. At this site students will find the two new engravings, the Peace Medal and the Keelboat, to be used on the coin . "New Nickel Lessons" reinforces the connection between history and the coins we have in our pockets. With a few clicks, all the wonderful colorful resources of the U.S. Mint "h.i.p. pocket change" section can be had for K - 6 students. The Teacher Feature entitled "Coins of the World" allows elementary students to travel through France to explore their history, culture, and currency. This activity plan reflects national standards in the Language Arts, Social Studies and Technology areas.

United States Mint

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Becky Moeggenberg