Wilton High School

Name:Wilton High School

Wilton High School is located in Wilton, CT. The school’s Web site includes information about academics, schedules, guidance, and student activities. Some departments and teachers offer their own Web sites. Alumni are also encouraged to share information about reunions and special events by linking to the site’s special Alumni area.

How to use the site:
The primary focus of this Web site is communication. There are some relatively static pages with ongoing information such as access to research tools in the Library, or basic classroom information. But the two features that make this site stand out are the Online Message Center and the BBS. Found on the Home page, the Online Message Centers offers teachers, students, and parents a quick overview of current events on campus. Use tabs to switch between Events, Schedules, Sports, and Clubs. The BBS is an online forum where students and teachers may share ideas and information.

Submitted by:
Susan Brooks-Young