World Radio Network

Name:World Radio Network

Brief Description of the Site:
World Radio Network, based in London, provides radio broadcasts online from all over the world in many languages. Want to know what's going on in from an international perspective? What does the news sound like abroad? Head to the "Listener's Area", choose the country and language of the broadcast you wish to hear, and even click on the "I" for more information about the transmission. For PC users, a Windows Media Player pops up to play the audio. High speed will make for a smoother feed with few pauses if any, but dialup access is definitely workable. Deutsche Welle, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting), and Radio Australia are just some of the international transmissions in English. Schedules, stations, languages, and regions provide a wide range of choices to access news and features globally.

How to use the site:
Students can develop communication skills, explore journalism from an international perspective, and hear about world events without being limited geographically. You can hear news when you want it online and tap into news of regions that follow the social studies curriculum. The information from these broadcasts address textbook obsolescence with the latest brought to the "fast food/ 30 second sound bite generation". Students can compare local coverage with broadcasts online. Current events can actually be current from abroad. How is the U.S. perceived abroad? Radio coverage of the same events covered by stations in around the world can provide interesting answers. This is definitely worth bookmarking for daily or weekly listening. One suggestion: Have earphones available (the ones the kids use for walkmans are perfect) so some students can listen online while others address other assignments.

Submitted by:
Neme Alperstein