DAILY INSIGHT: Collaboration and project-based learning

Scot A. Graden, CIO Advisor

One of benefits of focusing on project-based learning is that the process encourages collaboration.We have found that some of our most engaging projects involve getting different grade levels to collaborate with each other.

Whether we are focused on our state standards, or the soon-to-be-implemented Common Core, the opportunities for cross-grade-level interaction are numerous.It is exciting to watch as older students develop a sense of the necessary skills to help teach the younger students the concepts.

Although tight budgets can make collaboration seem out of the question, leveraging technology can be a solution. By using Skype, wikis, and collaborative tools like Google Docs, you can eliminate time and travel hurdles.As with most good lessons, planning is the key.

Here is a short video about a collaborative project between a Saline High School classroom and a 4th-grade classroom from one of our elementary schools.


As leaders, it is important we don’t forget the power of collaboration in the learning process.

Scot A. Graden is superintendent of Saline Area Schools in Mich.