3-Bullet Thursday [Showlio. Lego Wedo. Basecamp]

3-Bullet Thursday [Showlio. Lego Wedo. Basecamp]
  • Interested in generating dynamic, beautifully aesthetic websites DIRECTLY from your dropbox folder? Consider using Showlio for student portfolio generation. Folder organization become website "tabs" and folder content is embedded dynamically on your website. Showlio is great tool for student portfolios, and with Google Drive integration coming soon, I predict its use and popularity to rise.
  • Looking an engaging way of connecting Robotics and Coding with elementary age students? Combining Lego Wedo and the Scratch programming language is a great way of doing just that! In Robotics, often we use code to create a function on a physical robot. Using the Scratch/Wedo extension, students can work in the reverse direction, using their physical robot to manipulate their code! Click here for an example, and click herefor a tutorial on the topic.

[5 Meaningful Ways to Leverage the "MakeyMakey" in Your Teaching]

  • Want a projects management/communication structure for organizing PBL in your classroom? Although a tool that has been around for 10+ years in the business world, Basecamp offers free accounts for students and teachers, Slack and Google Drive integration, with all communication in one central location organization by project. Check it out!

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Ramsey Musallam teaches science and robotics at Sonoma Academy in Santa Rosa, California, with the aim of fostering inquiry-based learning environments fueled by student curiosity. He presents widely on sparking student curiosity and teaching with technology. Musallam is a Google Certified Teacher, a YouTube Star Teacher, and a Leading Edge Certified Teacher. Watch his TED talk here and read his blog at www.cyclesoflearning.com.