My Top Ten YouTube Channels for Education- by Daniel Rezac

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Online video is where it is at, in my opinion. I've always believed in the notion of supporting learning in and outside of the classroom. YouTube Channels- whether a personal teacher channel- or one of the many educational organizations' channels, really places learning in the 21st Century. As a supplement to my You-Tilizing YouTube in the Classroom post and presentation, I'd like to list my top ten YouTube Channels for Education. Here they are:

10. National Geographic:

While this channel does have advertisements, it has entire programs, like this, one of my favorites: Secrets of the Titanic.

9. RSA Animate: 21st Century Enlightenment:

The Ultimate Mind Map! Taking my favorite thinkers like Dan Pink and Sir Ken Robinson and putting their ideas down in this way really "Drives" home their points.

8. Symphony of Science:

I showed these videos to my students, and they demanded that their science teacher play them for everyone to see. Just listening to Carl Sagan "sing" makes me feel like I'm getting smarter.

7. This Week in Tech:

For an educator who wants to stay up on all the day's and week's tech news, this is the place to be. And, again, these are the full broadcasts.

6. Khan Academy:

While I do criticize this channel for being less engaging than it could be, I love the idea of getting learning online and in the open where it should be.

5. Woods Hole:

In another life, I was a marine biologist . My love for the Titanic and for snorkeling has helped me keep a keen eye on Woods Hole and Dr. Robert Ballard's work.

4. NASA:

What could be more engaging than watching the Space Shuttle take off from a POV camera in High Definition going into space?

3: NOVA:

Growing up in the era of the Space Shuttle, watching NOVA was a requirement.

2. The Computer History Museum:

I'm in love with technology history, and this channel really feeds that fire.

1. TED Talks:

The number one channel for the life-long learner. Period.

Click. Enjoy. Learn!