Back to School iPad Apps for CCSS Implementation

School is beginning in many parts of the country and the upcoming year is a critical one for educators who use iPads. Many teachers are now responsible to implement the Common Core Standards, Student Learning Objectives (SLO), Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) and—depending on your state—many more regulations. The resources below can help teachers align to the new regulations, be accountable to parents and teach students to enjoy learning.

If you are a teacher in NYS Engage NY includes the Common Core Curriculum & Assessments, Data Driven Instruction, Videos and more to help you and the parents you work with understand the changes.

Teaching Channel is filled with Common Core information with over 311,000 teachers input on lessons and videos.

Common Core Aligned Lesson Plan Template Here is a CC template to use for your lessons. If you use your iPad as a lesson planner, you can import the document into apps such as Notability for $1.99

Student Learning Objective Template is a Word document which can be used in Pages $9.99 or converted into a PDF for Notability.

Tracking Common Core Data

Common Core Tracker can be used as a web-based program or Common Core Tracker App $2.99. Common Core Tracker gives you the ability to track Student Common Core Mastery. Input and keep track of student scores from your iPad or computer. Integrated Common Core and State Standards let you align assignments. Included are the standards for Alaska, Arizona, California, Illinois, Florida, New York, North Carolina and Wyoming. Membership for the program is $4.99.

Ideas for teachers to implement the Common Core Standards

iWorksheet FREE Digitize your multiple choice worksheets using this app. Forget using paper send worksheets to your students and colleagues. Use this app to pre and post-test students.

Todo K-2 Practice Using games, this app will address the CCSS for mathematics from kindergarten through grade two. Provides students with practice developing their operational fluency alongside visual models to support their understanding of calculations.

Math Champ Challenge- School Edition: $4.99 Grades 4-7. Math Champ Challenge includes over 2,500 questions across grades four to seven covering all Common Core State Standards. During play, questions are randomly selected from within each Standard, providing a balanced mix of content from all Domain Standards for each grade.

Story Creator FREE an easy to use writing app for K-2. Students can record their voice, type or hand-write their stories. If students type and record the words are highlighted when they read their book. This app is a great way to encourage the CCS standard writing for information.

Scribble My Story FREE ages 3-7 and special needs students who need audio and cloze choices. Auto-share to parent through the Fingerprint email platform allows view of books through browser, pdf, or iBooks. Included in the free version is six Story Packs with Audio, Stickers, and Backgrounds.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South. Read more at