Crop Videos

Crop Videos

Videos are one of the most important mediums in language teaching and here is a nice and a useful tool that we can use with videos in the classroom.

ReelSurfer lets you crop videos and share from anywhere. Get your account and simply copy/paste your web link. Then, click on the buttons below the video to set a start and stop to the videos. You can also edit the times by clicking on the “edit times” below the buttons. When you are done, preview and share it with others. The best part is that you can get the videos from different video sharing websites.

There is also a bookmarklet button where you can drag it to your bookmarks and click it to clip any video and share.

Here are a few ideas to use this tool:

  • Crop your video and don’t show the ending. Ask students to brainstorm and come up with ideas.
  • Crop your videos into different parts, let students watch them all and ask them to put the videos in order.
  • Crop the beginning of your video and ask students to predict what has happened at the beginning.
  • or simply use to get your students watch the right part of the video you want them to see or split videos into shorter clips.

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