Slideshows with BrickFlow

Slideshows with BrickFlow

If you are looking for new ways to create slideshows and share visual content, here comes a new website,BrickFlow.

BrickFlow is a building-blocks type of application that will enhance the way we share our online content and stories.

When you get your account, search for pictures, videos, links or online content by writing hash tags or keywords. Then, drag and drop each picture/video/online content wherever you want on your blank page and piece them together like blocks. You can remix your flow and rearrange your story whenever you like. You can also get your content from your different social media accounts such as Instragram, Facebook etc. When you are happy with your flow, just share it with your friends.

This new tool is sure to be one of the new ways of creating digital stories!

Here are a few ideas to use this tool in education:

  • Students can create picture gallery with their pictures from their summer holidays.
  • Students create their own flows describing themselves.
  • Gather all digital content that your students have created together on BrickFlow.
  • Students can create their digital stories on any topic using this tool.
  • Ask students to present their projects using this tool.
  • Create your own slides using this tool.
  • Sure to impact the way you are presenting!

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