What is Mother’s Day in the 21st Century with an iGeneration, digital young man?

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Retire the "21st Century" in "21st Century Learning"

At the start of ISTE12 I tossed out a concept through twitter that was discussed in the School CIO conference preceding ISTE. I proposed that we should retire "21st Century Learning" and start calling it "Learning". It has caused quite a discussion in twitter and I have had some great intellectual exchanges over it. I wanted to take this venue as a place to put my thoughts on the concept together.

What is the disconnect?

I am a little confused. What is the point of parents buying online access for their children to the tune of supporting Ganz  at 2 billion dollars? Webkinz is the rage, and continues to be as the first and second

21st Century Skills by David Andrade

 21st Century Skills "21st Century Skills" is an often used phrase to describe the skills that educators and employers feel that students need to learn in order to be successful in school, careers, and life. I've argued that many of