Create Videos with PicoVico

Create Videos with PicoVico

If you like Animoto and use it to create videos, you may want to give a try to PicoVico as well. Just like Animoto, it is a web tool to create a video with your pictures. After signing up, you choose a video style, upload your pictures, add text, choose your music, add a few details and wait for your video to be rendered. When the video is ready nearly in two minutes, you can share your video via different social media tools or you can also download your video. It is neat and quick. I like different options for video creation.

Here are a few ideas to use this tool in class:

  • Students can create an advertisement of an object, film or a book that they have just read.
  • If you go on a field trip, ask students to take pictures and create a video using those pictures later.
  • Students can create a video of the things that they have done in holidays.
  • The videos can be used for introducing school rules, families, what they like doing etc.

The things that we can do are limitless..

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