Top 20 Sites and Apps for Creating Timelines

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Timelines are popular for helping students and researchers to understand the order or chronology of events and trends. 

Top 20 Sites/Apps for Creating Timelines (in alphabetical order)

Adobe Spark (opens in new tab) - One of the most popular sites available for making timelines, featuring an easy-to-use wizard.

Aeon (opens in new tab) - An in-depth timeline builder, ideal for project management and creative writers.

Buncee (opens in new tab) - An all-in-one digital canvas on which students can make timelines using animations, audio and video. The ideas lab offers inspiration for projects, from lesson plans to journals.

Canva (opens in new tab) - Offers an abundance of templates to help fashion eye-catching timelines.

Flippity (opens in new tab) - A simple-to-use tool that employs a Google Spreadsheets template to create interactive timelines.

myHistro (opens in new tab) - A good site/iOS app for making interactive timelines with a special section for educational uses. Also offers the ability to embed Google Maps.

OurTimeLines (opens in new tab) - Stocked with templates for building text-based and personalized timelines.

Preceden (opens in new tab) - Useful for designing layered interactive timelines and project roadmaps. Timelines can be public or private, and also can be embedded into a site or blog.

RWT Timeline (opens in new tab) - RWT is a free iPad app for creating stunning timelines. The app also accommodates multiple users, ideal for those schools that share devices.

Storyboard That (opens in new tab) - A digital storytelling platform with an education portal that offers a wide range of graphic organizers, such as t-charts, grids, and detailed timelines. 

Sutori (opens in new tab) - An innovative site for timelines that also supports collaborative projects. In addition, Sutori can be used for any curriculum and even to flip a classroom or lesson.

Tiki-Toki (opens in new tab) - Create great 3D timelines with images and videos. A paid account allows for collaboration among multiple users and the ability to embed timelines on other sites.

Timeline JS (opens in new tab) - An open source tool for designing timelines that include videos, maps, links, and audio. Timelines can also be integrated with Google Sheets. (opens in new tab) - A United Kingdom-based education resource for viewing timelines in five different historical categories. 

Timetoast (opens in new tab) - Create an interactive timeline that can be embedded into a site or blog. Timelines can be viewed in either standard mode or text only.

Timeline 3D (opens in new tab) - An innovative app for building three-dimensional multimedia timelines. Timeline 3D also can be exported into PowerPoint or Keynote for more options.

Timeline Maker (opens in new tab) - An easy-to-use iPad app for building timelines by stacking tiles or events.

Timeline Maker (opens in new tab) (Soft Schools) - A student-friendly site that allows users to create a timeline through text or a template.

Venngage (opens in new tab) - Make custom visual timelines or infographics from a free library of templates.

Visme (opens in new tab) - A flexible tool with a drag-n-drop interface that allows users to design custom timelines. 

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