Today's Newsletter: Showing You the Money

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This weekend’s T&L newsfeed seemed to come down to dollars and cents. Last month, the Hechinger Report  posted an in depth article on school district spending: “The Technology for Education Consortium, a nonprofit formed to facilitate exactly that, estimates that school districts could collectively save at least $3 billion if they all got the best deals on hardware and software purchases. That’s nearly 23 percent of the total amount spent.” Education Week breaks down the $1.1 billion with a b grant to fund teacher tech training: “Title IV-A, dubbed the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Block Grant, is not meant to be “tech only” funding at all. In fact, it has been set up so that districts can use it for a variety of purposes.” And Education Dive analyzes a recent survey of school leaders: “Even though most principals surveyed were seeing improvement in the local economy and in the financial health of families within their district, school funding was still a top concern. The reason is not always less money, but more often the demand for more uses for the money schools already have.” —Kevin Hogan, Content Director

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I’m not sure if contributing editor Ellen Ullman likes doingher taxes or not, but she sure seemed to enjoy digging intothe finances of some of the country’s more innovative schooldistricts (Smart Ways to Save).

Show Him the Money

Q. You've mentioned your funding priorities fell into place once the district changed its technology vision. Can you describe that vision and how you implemented it? A. We started by hiring a technology director from the business world; forming a diverse technology committee that included instructional leaders,