Top10 web stories

Top10 web stories

1 AV Tech Gets Creative
Learn how teachers are using AV tools in creative ways to engage their students.

2 Celebrate Teachers: It’s True . . . I Teach Because I Can’t Do Anything Else!
Here are 10 inspiring reasons why genuine educators continue to teach and prepare students for what they will do best in the world.

3 New Tools for Schools
Stay on the cutting edge—discover the latest in printers, assessment tools, school safety, online courses, and more.

4 25 Social Networks/Media Sites for Education
These networks and online communities, including a number of new ones, target technology literacy and can be a huge benefit to education.

5 6 Steps to Get Going with Infographics from @Eileen_Lennon
Here are tips, tricks, and techniques for communicating and sharing ideas in visually appealing way.

6 What’s New in Google—April 2018
Catch up on all the latest, including 26 new Google updates and 41 Google resources for your class.

7 Help Students Generate Further Questions with Formative
Get students to take ownership of their learning by documenting the questions they still have after the quiz is over.

8 Screen-Free Coding Now Available in the US for K–2 Students
With KUBO Robotics, young students will enjoy their first experience of coding and even earn a license to code.

9 25 Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom (with Examples!)
Take full advantage of what Google Forms has to offer. Create certificates, book reports, activities, reading logs, and more.

10 Force Copy: The G-Suite Tip Every Teacher Needs to Know
Learn a simple tip for the times you want someone to use their own version of a document you share.