Integrating Technology Using the SAMR Model to Meet Common Core in the Classroom

5/23/2014 12:00:00 AM
There are many practical ways educators can move their students through the SAMR model (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) through technology integration, to extend learning, to meet the common core standards and develop lifelong learners. Examples will be shown for the K-5 classroom although this can be adapted for all grade levels. Are you ready to adjust your teaching for this new learning revolution?

Why do we need the SAMR model? Why do we need to change the way we teach our kids? Check out this video below... The Voice of An Active Learner

Why do we need to use technology with our students?

  • Our World of Work is very tech infused
  • Our students have access to technology all the time
  • Creates a deeper level of learning 
  • It changes what we can do, and when and where we can do it!
What have we really been preparing our kids for?
Although that video is pretty funny, it is a reality of what are preparing our students for. 
This is why we need COMMON CORE: It Highlights the importance of using technology as a tool for learning! Common Core has many places for tech tools to be used to meet objectives!
Great uses of Technology With Students: (based on the ISTE standards for students)
    • (Make it) Use technology to show creativity 
    • (Say it) Use technology to communicate
    • (Share it) Use technology to collaborate
    • (Find it) Use technology to research to show information literacy
    • (Solve it) Use technology to think critically, solve problems, or be decision makers
    • (Use it) Use technology devices to improve learning
    • (Protect it) Follow rules of digital citizenship
Technology usage should be directly related to content in the classroom
Students and the Teacher are actively engaged

The Basics

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More examples of how you can move up the SAMR model


Now let's focus on some math tools...


is an awesome site that has animated math lessons for kids. The lessons are divided into four categories: Number, Patterns and Relations, Shape and Space, and Statistics and Probability.  These lessons come with assessments, teacher 



Counting and Cardinality :
Operations & Algebraic Thinking :
Numbers & Operations in Base Ten:
Measurement & Data:
Geometry :
Operations & Algebraic Thinking :
Numbers & Operations in Base Ten:
Measurement & Data:
Geometry :

Operations & Algebraic Thinking :
Numbers & Operations in Base Ten:
Measurement & Data:
Geometry :
Operations & Algebraic Thinking :
Numbers & Operations in Base Ten:
Numbers & Operations - Fractions:
Measurement & Data:

Operations & Algebraic Thinking :
Numbers & Operations - Fractions:
Measurement & Data:
Geometry :

Links to other Common Core Resources

Patricia Brown is the Technology Integration Coach at Old Bonhomme Elementary School in Saint Louis, MO, where she implemented the first annual OB Family Tech week and Digital Learning Day. As a classroom teacher, she was awarded a $25,000 Innovative Technology grant for her school. Read her blog at

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