Author: By Monica Burns December 18,2014

Edusight Gradebook is free and has a simple online interface that allows you to better understand how your students are performing.

Author: By Terry Freedman December 18,2014

Big data. It’s the current buzzword in education (one of several, at least), but what exactly is it?

Author: By Patricia Brown December 18,2014

Apple did an awesome thing when they added the trailer feature into iMovie. You can easily create a professional looking video in literally minutes.

December 17,2014

NewBay Media has announced the re-launch of AV-iQ, the AV industry’s largest and most comprehensive database of AV products and services.

December 17,2014

Mobiliya today announced the launch of Mobiliya Edvelop, a Windows 8.1 and Android-based learning management system (LMS) for emerging education markets.

Author: By Terry Freedman December 17,2014

In theory, setting yourself up to sell products on the internet is the easiest thing in the world.

Author: By Lisa Nielsen December 17,2014

The research cited against technology use for youth focuses on passive television viewing or addiction to video games that are usually of violent nature.

Author: By Pernille Ripp December 17,2014

Throughout this project we have been able to successfully marry tech tools with writing, as well as using Skype, Twitter and other interactive tools.

Author: By David Kapuler December 17,2014

It's that time of year again for my favorite and most robust list on the top 100 Sites & Apps of the year.

Author: By Pernille Ripp December 16,2014

How often does our own lack of knowledge of a tech tool (or anything for that matter) prompt us into saying no, rather than yes?

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