Questions to Ask When Selecting a Common Core Literacy Program

10/30/2013 8:00:00 PM

Pat La Morte, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Technology and PD at Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando, Florida, recommends asking the following questions when selecting a program that meets Core Standards:

•„„ Is the product flexible enough to differentiate instruction, respond to intervention, and promote student achievement against the Common Core standards while being Web-based for anytime, anywhere accessibility on any device?

„„• Does the solution offer a staircase of increasingly complex and authentic digital text for improved reading comprehension and the close reading of texts?

•„„ Does the product offer a holistic approach to rigorous, cross-curricular, textbased writing skills development?

•„„ Does the tool engage students with content like video lessons that model appropriate, academic discussion and collaboration?

•„„ Does the solution provide a means for multiple assessments according to the Common Core objectives?

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