Podcasting for Teachers and Students

Califone International, Inc., and RM Educational Software, Inc., have partnered to promote the use of podcasting for both teaching and learning.

"In combination with RM Podium, users of the Califone MP3 Player can participate in and create activities easily and efficiently, including science projects, book reports, interviews, homework, school news, professional development training sessions, and more," said Tim Ridgway, VP of Marketing for Califone.

Teachers can use podcasts to communicate regularly with parents by posting school updates on their Web site. They also can publish lesson guides in a podcast format to help students who may have missed sections, or who simply need reinforcement when completing homework assignments.

RM Podium and the Califone MP3 Player are useful in special needs and ELL classrooms, where students may need additional reinforcement or teacher guidance outside the classroom. Recording a podcast in a language learning environment can illustrate to the teacher how well a student's pronunciation, diction and understanding have progressed over time.

Visit http://www.rmeducation.com/podium/overview for more information about RM Podium and to download a free 30-day trial.

For more information on the full line of Califone products designed for the education market, call 1-800-722-0500, or visit www.califone.com.