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Teaching geography interactively

 mimio and Rand McNally have formed an alliance that aims to use interactive teaching technology to broaden the scope of geography education.
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mimio and Rand McNally have formed an alliance that aims to use interactive teaching technology to broaden the scope of geography education.

Through this arrangement, Rand McNally will bundle mimio Interactive Systems and accessories with the company's online subscription service, Rand McNally Classroom. This new, collaborative package is designed for the K-12 market, and includes lesson plans and other teacher tools.

Key features include:

  • mimio Interactive plus Wireless - converts any whiteboard into an interactive educational tool by connecting it wirelessly to a computer and projector.
  • mimio Studio Software allow users to build lessons, draw, type, annotate and import files; and to integrate and control video, sound and Flash files.
  • mimio Pad - engages students individually by a wireless tablet, connecting them to the master computer from up to 30 feet away.
  • mimio online training - includes self-guided video tutorials and instructor-led, web-based quick learn sessions.
  • More than 2,000 online maps - including reference, thematic, history, earth science and outline maps - with a search tool allowing users to find content.
  • Interactive history maps that bring history to life.
  • Dozens of lesson plans that can be edited and printed, along with interactive games and activities that make learning fun.
  • Weekly current-events articles, "Traveling Teddies" online postcards and geography Q&A.
  • State-by-state correlations.

For more information on mimio, visit www.mimio.com. Download lesson plans and connect with other educators at www.mimioconnect.com.

For more information on Rand McNally, visit www.randmcnally.com. To get a free trial of Rand McNally Classroom visit www.randmcnallyclassroom.com



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