Texas Instruments unveils free new algebra and geometry resource

Math teachers have free new resources to help them quickly and effectively bring technology-based content into their math classrooms. Texas Instruments’ Algebra Nspired and Geometry Nspired are collections of online lessons and tools that enable educators to leverage TI-NspireTM technology with ready-to-use lessons that they can align to textbooks, state and provincial curriculum and assessment standards.

Algebra Nspired and Geometry Nspired are available to educators via a self-guided online resource center that supports them with tutorials and lessons that focus on student understanding and learning. These lessons include teacher notes to effectively prepare and conduct each lesson, TI-Nspire activity documents to explore math concepts using TI-Nspire technology, and activities teachers can customize for their students. Lessons focus on key concepts in these topics:
• Algebra: percent and proportions, rates of change in linear functions, algebraic reasoning, systems of equations, quadratic functions, and exponential functions.
• Geometry: points, lines and angles, triangles, similarity and proportion, right triangles and trig, quadrilaterals and polygons, circles, perimeter, area, volume and transformational geometry.

“We set out to create content that would assist educators in bringing to life key math concepts that are vital for students to grasp in their first algebra and geometry classes,” said Ruth Casey, who directed the pilot program for Texas Instruments. Casey is a retired mathematics educator and former member of the board of directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. “For this school year, we’ve been piloting Algebra Nspired and Geometry Nspired in sites around the country to ensure that these lessons and activities meet educators’ needs for their students.”

The collection of action/consequence lessons, unique to Algebra Nspired and Geometry Nspired, is one example of how these needs are being met. With action/consequence lessons, students take action on a math object, observe the consequence, and reflect on the math implications. These lessons provide teachers with probing questions that lead students to productive classroom discussions about the math. Students interact with numerous mathematical representations to develop understanding in a way that is not possible with paper and pencil alone. As a result, educators are able to engage students more effectively in their mathematics learning.

“TI listens to teachers and understands what they need in the classroom to help their students succeed,” said Steven Bailey, director of business development of Texas Instruments Education Technology group. “We set out to make core concepts easier to tackle, for both new teachers and seasoned veterans because our goal is student achievement.”

TI’s Algebra Nspired and Geometry Nspired offerings provide optional, fee-based professional development that can be tailored to individual educators, schools and districts. Professional development is available online, in face-to-face workshops or a combination of the two.