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Vocabulary videos dramatize word meanings

How would you visualize the word “pressure” or “collapse?” Not too hard. But what about “nevertheless?” Not so easy.
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How would you visualize the word “pressure” or “collapse?” Not too hard. But what about “nevertheless?” Not so easy.

A video vocabulary series produced by Kinetic Media (www.kinmedia.com) and the William Sadlier publishing company helps students understand "nevertheless," using a rap song that reinforces its meaning of “in spite of” or “however.”

The “nevertheless’ video is one of nearly 900 vocabulary videos produced by Kinetic Media of Hartford, CT, for Sadlier’s new Vocabulary for Success textbook series. The series, designed for middle school students, takes a multimedia approach to learning. The books present the research-based word meanings for 870 words and incorporate an audio program, online dictionary and interactive games and quizzes, in addition to the 10- to 15-second videos. Each video includes the definition and usage of the word, as well as a short skit or activity or example of how that word gets used.



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Vocab Videos teaches students more than 500 of the most frequently tested vocabulary words found in advanced high school English classes and on college admissions tests such as the SAT and ACT.  

New Online Tool Extracts Vocabulary

 Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus has launched a new tool called VocabGrabber (http://vocabgrabber.com) that helps teachers and students target the key vocabulary from a text within seconds. VocabGrabber extracts words from any document and demonstrates how those words are used in context. It's intended for language arts teachers, students of English at all levels of proficiency, or anyone who wants fresh insights into how language works.

Vocabulary website discounted for groups

Schools and teachers can now get group discount pricing on a subscription to VerbaLearn.com, the website for building vocabulary for students in grades 7 through 12.   VerbaLearn combines educational content with interactive features that make learning new words more fun. 

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VerbaLearn is a Website designed to improve students' vocabulary through engaging tools such as downloadable audio, crossword puzzles, traditional print flashcards,  video flashcards, and more.