RTI Program Aims to Reduce Number of Students in Special Education Classes

Super Duper Publications has released Language LAB, a new response to intervention, (RTI) evidence-based program designed to help elementary school students (grades K-4) improve their English language skills. Language LAB provides struggling students with 15 hours of focused, intensive and systematic instruction to assist them in acquiring strong language, listening and reading skills that are consistent with state educational standards. The goal of the program is to help students remain in their regular classroom settings.

Language LAB’s comprehensive program includes:

o Resource Guide with printable CD-ROM (for all books)
o Homework Connections Workbook
o Skill Drill Workbook
o Five Language LAB Station Signs
o 120 Talk Aloud Cards
o Six Audio CDs with 5,000 sentences
o 90 Story Station Cards
o Three Language Screener Cards