New iOS app digitizes chalkboard

Sheng Apps has released Air Chalk, an iOS app for educators teaching or presenting in class.

The developer describes Air Chalk as a "digital chalkboard." Teachers can draw or write text into their mobile device, and the content gets displayed onto a projector screen. Air Chalk supports

Air Chalk supports iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch) and wireless connection and is $9.99 USD.

* Create chalk boards using either finger sketch or text input
* Multi-color chalks and eraser support
* Quick un-do and re-do
* Real-time display of chalk boards on an external display
* Works with Apple Digital AV Adapter and Apple VGA Adapter
* Remote drawing using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
* Automatically save your boards
* Replay the saved boards
* Create PDF file from your boards
* E-Mail or print your boards