Engineering contest recognizes educators' creative teaching

To recognize creative teaching using Vernier sensors with National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW™ software, Vernier Software & Technology is launching an engineering contest for current teachers of engineering or STEM. One high school and one college teacher will each be awarded prizes valued at $5,500 for demonstrating the most innovative uses of the technology.

Educators interested in this contest must submit a written project summary and a video showing creative ways to use Vernier sensors with NI LabVIEW software by January 15, 2013. The winning teachers will be announced on March 11th and will receive $1,000 in cash, a $3,000 gift certificate for Vernier technology, and $1,500 toward expenses to attend the 2013 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

LabVIEW is a graphical programming language used in K12 and University, as well as in research and by professionals in the engineering and science disciplines.It can be used with Vernier’s LabQuest 2, LabQuest Mini, Go! Devices, SensorDAQ, and NXT Sensor Adapter. Educators can use the software to control engineering projects, introduce biomedical concepts with physiology sensors, log and analyze data, build sensor-controlled NXT robots, and more.

For more information on the engineering contest and to submit your entry, visit