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Displays detect all interacting objects

MultiTouch Ltd., today announced its latest technology, Enriched Reality™, which allows MultiTouch’s MultiTaction® series of displays to detect every object that interacts or is placed on the system.

Enriched Reality uses 2D optical markers for real-life object detection to uniquely identify any object attached to a marker. To view a demonstration, visit CAVI Radartable ( where users can compose music with real-life pieces that represent different instruments, musical effects and samples.

“Enriched Reality underlines the uniqueness of MultiTouch’s CVTS technology,” says Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch. “The CVTS technology can detect everything from single touch points to unlimited number of users to simultaneous use of hands, IR pens and real-life objects. The support for Enriched Reality will accelerate the development of applications that combine real-life objects with digital content in classrooms, museums and retail.”

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