PBS KIDS releases new math and literacy apps

PBS KIDS has released two new educational apps from its TV series DINOSAUR TRAIN and THE ELECTRIC COMPANY.

In The Electric Company Party Game: Lost on Prankster Planet app for iPad and Kindle Tablet, children use their math and literacy skills to help Marcus and Jessica escape from Prankster Planet and get back to Earth.

o Key features include: Collaborative play, digital board game, hours of unrepeated fast-paced games, physical challenges, group activities

o Educational goals include: Geometry, addition and subtraction, data analysis and graphing, telling time, coin value and recognition

InDINOSAUR TRAIN Classic in the Jurassic, Jr.! ($1.99; iPad) kids play through three math-based games focused on sorting, balance and counting to help Gilbert get Troodon Town ready for the big event – the Classic in the Jurassic, Jr. games.

Additional PBS KIDS apps are available here: http://pbskids.org/mobile/.