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Secure delivery of higher-stakes tests on the Apple iPad

Assessment technologies and services provider Questionmark® has announced the release of Questionmark Secure for iPad, a free app that provides additional security for delivery of medium and high stakes tests.

Questionmark Secure is a lock-down browser designed to help organizations provide secure environment in which to deliver high stakes assessments such as tests and exams.

Questionmark Secure helps prevent cheating on high-stakes exams delivered online by disabling functions that participants could use to print or copy exam material, 'accidentally' exiting a test, or gaining access to materials on their devices or the Internet that could give an unfair advantage.

The Questionmark Secure app is a free download for participants taking tests and exams via Questionmark. The download available for iPad via the iTunes App store, for the Mac via the Mac App store, and for Windows via the Questionmark website.