Partnership Enables Identity-Based Policies for BYOD, 1-to-1 Initiatives

Impulse Point, provider of network access control (NAC) solutions for networks in support of BYOD, today announced that Safe•ConnectTM fully integrates with the ibossTM Secure Web Gateway (SWG). As a result of the partnership, the companies can now provide BYOD identity-based access management for educational networks.

Safe•Connect’s Identity Publisher provides real-time identity-to-device session data that enables the iboss SWG to create more granular filtering and access roles based on user identities. For example, a school district can establish Web content policies based on user role (faculty, staff, student, or guest) or based on a school’s grade level or location. This information is then provided to iboss, which in turn can apply the appropriate level of security based on the district’s policies.

Identity Publisher also provides single sign-on (SSO) in conjunction with Microsoft Active Directory managed domains and 802.1X-WPA2 Enterprise secure wireless users, which eliminates the need for users re-authenticate via a captive portal at every network session.