Texthelp Announces Read&Write Gold for Mac Version 6

Texthelp Inc. today announced the release of Read&Write Gold for Mac Version 6. Read&Write 6 Gold is a customizable toolbar that integrates with common applications and provides users, especially those with learning disabilities and English Language Learners, with support for independent learning.

New features in Version 6 include:

● Toolbar and Toolbar Icons – The dockable toolbar is customizable, allowing users to drag icons on and off the toolbar.
● New PDF Aloud – PDF Aloud is now available in its own Texthelp Viewer.
● Support for Chrome and Firefox – In addition to Safari, supports are available for the Chrome and Firefox browsers through the toolbar
● Support for Google Docs – While working in a Google document in Chrome, support tools are available directly from the toolbar
● Fact Folder – When gathering information for research assignments or writing reports, the Fact Folder prepares and stores information, captures text and images, classifies facts, and records their source.

Pricing options include single user, unlimited site license with school and home access, or concurrent site license for use at school and at home. Pricing starts at $295 for students with IEPs. To get more information or to download a 30-day free trial, go to www.texthelp.com/trial.