Minecraft MOOCs And More for K-12 Teachers, Students and Parents

Instructure today announced a suite of more than 15 MOOCs for teachers, students and parents on its Canvas Network platform. The suite includes two Minecraft MOOCs that aim to help teachers leverage gamification best practices in the classroom. Enrollment is free at canvas.net.

Instructure is also releasing a Minecraft app for Canvas, which allows students to link their Minecraft account to Canvas and use in-game actions to submit assignments.

In total, seven MOOCs for teachers are launching on Canvas Network today, including:

1.Digital Literacies 1

2.Digital Literacies 2

3.Five Habits of Highly Effective Teachers

4.Getting Started with MinecraftEDU

5.Minecraft for Educators

6.Teachers without Borders: Educating Girls

7.Tinker, Make and Learn

In addition, seven MOOCs for students will launch on Canvas Network, including:

1.College Foundations: Reading, Writing, and Math

2.First Peoples to the Early Republic: Born in Colonialism

3.Google Ninja

4.NASA Space Center Houston's "Mars: The Next Frontier"

5.The Civil War Era

6.The Gilded Age to the Roaring Twenties

7.The Great Depression to the War on Terror