McAllen ISD Incorporates Personalized Literacy in 1:1 Program

McAllen Independent School District (MISD) in McAllen, Texas, is implementing myON to provide students with 24/7 access to over 7,000 books. The district viewed myON’s digital library as an important addition to its 1:1 initiative.

District administrators opted to deploy myON to all 20 elementary and 7 middle school campuses, giving students full access to myON’s library. MISD saw the platform as a good fit to support students at all reading levels, as well as their growing ELL population. The district began using myON 15 months ago and, seeing gains in reading at the four campuses that had access, decided to expand the use of myON.

“We take literacy extremely seriously at MISD, however we believe that making reading fun and engaging is critical to our students’ reading and overall academic growth,” says Brenda Huston, MISD’s Library/Media Coordinator. “In addition to the platform’s personalization and customization features, the fact that our students are able to read books wherever they are, even without access to the Internet, was a huge factor in our decision to choose myON for our students.”

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