Today's Newsletter: Best Weekend Reads

Ars Technica posts a well-reported piece on why the subject of computers science is so, well, white: “Today, despite clear real-world relevance, the subject is more often viewed as an elective, a club, or an after-school activity than as a core subject. The message seems to be that not everyone needs to know about computers. And that may be one of the reasons why computer science still has such a diversity problem.” The New York Observer breaks down irregularities in the New York School District’s technology tracking. A rather startling admission: “Among several recommendations, Mr. Stringer is calling for a centralized inventory of all of the school systems computers and tablets that would track when they are moved elsewhere–something that does not presently exist.” And theNew York Times looks at an unnerving new technique to address school shootings: “It does not stop the first shot, but company officials say the system can shorten an attack by taking the human element out of alerting the authorities.” Great - I guess? —Kevin Hogan, Content Director