Students Receive Free Test Preparation for College Entrance Exams

Austin ISD is partnering with Edgenuity, an online education provider, to offer free test preparation services for college entrance exams, including the SAT.

Beginning this week, AISD students may enroll in the Web-based courses, which will allow them to complete lessons at their own pace. The district encourages all sophomores and juniors to contact their campus counselors to schedule an appointment to discuss the new opportunity.

AISD is the fifth-largest school district in Texas, serving about 85,000 students at 129 campuses, including 17 high schools. This semester, the district serves about 21,000 high school students throughout Austin.

Edgenuity’s online courses will help prepare students to complete the SAT, ACT and Texas Success Initiative tests. The collaboration is part of AISD’s commitment to support greater academic achievement by ensuring all students have access to the latest in innovative tools and courseware.

Edgenuity’s on-screen teachers help explain the SAT, ACT and TSI exams and their content and offer test-taking strategies. Courses include video-based instruction, interactive assignments and frequent assessment opportunities to track progress.

The ACT and SAT courseware focuses on the primary areas of each test, including mathematics, reading, science and English reasoning for the ACT, and mathematics, critical reading and critical writing for the SAT.

TSI preparation is particularly important for students who wish to attend public universities in Texas, which use the test to gauge if students are college-ready in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

AISD students continue to earn higher overall scores on the SAT and ACT exams, compared with their counterparts across the state and nation, according to the College Board and ACT Inc.