Mondopad™ 2.0 Video Conferencing System Announced

InFocus Corporation ( today released Mondopad 2.0. The new Mondopad enhances the capabilities of the large-format video conferencing touchscreen collaboration device. Mondopad is a 57-inch, 70-inch and 80-inch diagonal 1080p, large-format, multi-point touch display, powered by an on-board PC with open standard technology compatible with Microsoft Office and Intel.

Mondopad 2.0 is a SIP/H.323 video calling endpoint that integrates data presentations, whiteboarding, remote PC viewing, video, casting from tablets or smartphones, and puts interactive data into a video call. Users can share and view data while seeing other video meeting participants.

Mondopad 2.0 offers the ability to pair with a second touchscreen, such as the JTouch to create a larger interactive area for file annotation and whiteboarding. Users can run dual applications, such as a video conferencing and PowerPoint files simultaneously on separate screens.

Additional features include:

  • One touch Dropbox cloud-based file storage
  • Multiple camera support, including InFocus’ recommended PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera
  • Continuous multi-directional whiteboard canvas
  • Floating whiteboard toolbar
  • Whiteboard auto shapes function
  • Enhanced video conferencing services
  • Extended audio with optional InFocus Thunder tabletop speakers

Mondopad 2.0 is available for purchase now through InFocus authorized resellers:

  • 57” diagonal - $5,799
  • 70” diagonal - $9,799
  • 80” diagonal - $16,999

Customers who purchased Mondopad within the past year can upgrade to Mondopad 2.0 free of charge. For more information visit