Report Details Current Landscape of Science and STEM Education

Covering topics ranging from the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to priorities for science and STEM courses, the 2015 Educator Edition: National Survey on STEM Education provides educators with insights on the current landscape of science and STEM education in the United States. The report, which is written by IESD, Inc., an independent market research firm, and sponsored by Vernier Software & Technology, can be downloaded for free at

The report provides thoughts and perspectives from more than 5,000 science and STEM educators nationwide regarding the topics of state science curriculum standards, including the adoption of NGSS; STEM programs, courses, and initiatives in districts and schools; priorities for science and STEM courses; challenges facing STEM education in the United States; instructional tools and resources for science and STEM education; and, teacher professional development for science and STEM education.

The report details, for example, the most frequently identified high-priority experiences to provide to students in science and STEM courses based on the “Science and Engineering Practices” listed in the NGSS. These experiences include analyzing and interpreting data (70%), planning and carrying out investigations (59%), and defining real-world problems to be solved through research and engineering (46%).