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NetSupport School V 12 Released

NetSupport School V 12 Released

NetSupport, has released the latest version of NetSupport School to coincide with the worldwide availability of Windows 10.

NetSupport School Tutor is the new Windows Store app designed for teachers that orchestrates classroom activities from any Windows 10 tablet or PC.

The Teacher’s Launchpad feature facilitates remotely launching cloud-based Office Mix presentations, OneNote or any other online curriculum content onto every student’s screen. NetSupport School also extends its support to include integration with the new Microsoft Edge browser, providing launching of websites, as well as monitoring and blocking of all student web activity. In addition, closer OS integration allows NetSupport School to deliver the same functionality for both desktop and Windows Store apps within the classroom.

NetSupport School 12 is available for download from the NetSupport School website ( and the new Windows 10 app for teachers, NetSupport School Tutor, is available from the Windows Store.