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GlobiLabAnalytical Software for Labdisc Updated

GlobiLabAnalytical Software for Labdisc Updated

Boxlight Corporation and Globisens have released a new version of the GlobiLab analytical software for the Labdisc portable STEM lab. GlobiLab version 3.0 offers greater ease of use for operating and interpreting data from the Labdisc, a wireless, compact data logger for science.

The Labdiscoffers up to 14 wireless sensors built into a single compact device. The newest version of GlobiLab is based on the latest Qt5 core engine, which better accommodates the most recent user interface changes in screens and tablets. It also includes improved support for JavaScript and QML.

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GlobiLab software communicates wirelessly with the Labdisc multi-sensor compact devices, allowing for full setup and control of the devices.