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App collects, analyzes scientific data

SPARKvue™ App is data collection and analysis software that allows  measurement, data visualization and analysis in or out of the classroom. 
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PASCO® scientific’s SPARKvue™ App optimized for the iPad™ is data collection and analysis software that allows real-time measurement, data visualization and analysis in or out of the classroom.

Students can measure pH, temperature, force and carbon dioxide level by connecting any one of the PASPORT® sensors to the iPad, iPhone™, or iPod® touch via the PASPORT Airlink2™, a Bluetooth® wireless sensor interface. Data can be collected and displayed in graphs, digits, and meters and summarized with statistics.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. PASPORT Airlink2 and PASPORT sensors are sold separately. For more information visit



Collecting and Compiling Data

Tip: Teachers may not know what data to collect to help improve their teaching practice. They are inundated with student data, graduation and dropout rates, etc. They will also need other data relating to how they teach and learn to help them improve their teaching practice. As a professional developer, you can

Data collection and analysis tool supports better instruction

 Under the leadership of Superintendent Thomas Brady and Chief Academic Officer Sharon Contreras, Providence Public School District has completed a district-wide adoption of Teachscape’s Classroom Walkthrough (CWT) system to help improve the collection of classroom instruction data and to analyze and act on the information.

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Vernier’s New LabQuest Stream™ Expands Data-Collection Possibilities with Bluetooth® Connectivity

To expand data-collection possibilities in the science classroom, Vernier Software & Technology, the leading worldwide innovator of real-time sensor data-collection, graphing, and analysis tools for science education, has developed LabQuest Stream™. This wireless and USB sensor interface allows students to collect scientific data from multiple sensors with a mobile device, Chromebook™, or computer. LabQuest Stream provides educators the freedom and flexibility to collect data using a wide variety of computing platforms, and it is compatible with more than 50 Vernier sensors.