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Apps for Storytelling

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Digital Storytelling Goes Hollywood promo image

Digital Storytelling Goes Hollywood

Digital storytelling already proves its worth in classrooms across the country, but when Joe Brennan took over a position at Wilkes University teaching a Digital Storytelling graduate course and the Discovery Education Network blog focused on the art, he made

Storybird Collaborative Storytelling

Everyone can become an author now using Storybird.  The illustrations are beautiful and inspiring use them to write a story yourself or join with friends and family to write a book about anything. A sign in is needed to keep


Apps for Storytelling (Part 1)

Stories has always been one of the most popular mediums in the classroom to stimulate creativity and thinking process, providing opportunities for reflection, enhancing the learning experience both for the teachers and the students … and storytelling has never been that much fun and easy with all the mobile applications that we can use today!