Best AR Toys 2019

Cell phone displays skeleton and organs of chest and abdomen .
(Image credit: T3)

From our friends at T3: These are the best AR toys on the market today and they are guaranteed to amuse you and your smartphone plenty, while also not take up too much of your time or raid your wallet like a pirate captain. Many of these toys are not just AR-infused either, but injected with educational value as well, meaning that their owner can get smarter while they have insane fun, too.

Why this matters: Augmented reality (AR) and its cousin virtual reality (VR) have become important teaching tools in the K12 classroom, allowing teachers to lead students digitally beyond the classroom walls for authentic learning.  With prices as low as $13.00, these educational AR toys can be a reality in any classroom.  Learn which toys  offer the most engaging educational content and associated apps by reading the full report at