Candy Bags

I learned this idea from my friends at CTAP IV* in the SF Bay Area and now have adapted it for all types of occasions. At the end of a week-long institute, participants usually receive a certificate of completion. I also put together candy bags with a legend that explains what each candy means:

  • When you plan your vision, reach for a MILKY WAY.
  • When you do something great, give yourself a SMARTIE.
  • When you get resistance, give yourself a HUG.
  • When you feel like you’re drowning, grab a LIFESAVER.
  • When you know a smile makes a difference, take SNICKERS.
  • When all else fails, don’t worry, be CAREFREE.

I put the candy in a snack size zip-lock bag along with the legend on a piece of paper. Make sure you tell them what the candy means or they may eat it before they read the legend.

*CTAP= California Technology Assistance Project

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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